Financial Control Monitoring

A suite of premium analysis apps that continuously assess risk in your critical SAP® ERP processes.

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Designed for financial controls, compliance, and internal audit teams.

Our Financial Controls Monitoring suite of premium analysis apps allows you to automate assessment of risk in your critical SAP® ERP processes. The hard stuff is already done for you: We ask the questions that uncover material risk, and connect to the right data—to provide 100% coverage, serving up the oversight you need to investigate, track, trend, and report. This suite of apps continuously monitors your transactional data with little human intervention. These pre-built process controls can be spun up at a fraction of the cost, time, and effort of traditional ERP process controls. For more information, see our Product Sheets for Audit or Finance Teams.

Included in the Content For Financial Control Monitoring

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A toolkit is a curated set of tools aimed at addressing one area of risk or compliance.

For example, a toolkit might include a set of data analytics, a risk control framework, and a best practices program.

Accounts Payable Toolkit

Sampling or manually cross-matching purchase orders (POs) with invoices simply doesn’t provide adequate risk oversight over this material process. Assess 100% of your payables dataset to know with certainty whether your requisitions and vendor billing processes are healthy and accurate. 

  • Tools to detect control gaps in your accounts payable process. For more information, see the Accounts Payable Essentials PDF.

Vendor Management Toolkit

Ensure that your vendors are approved and have been vetted for compliance against your organization’s vendor management take-on / registration process. 

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your vendor management process. For more information, see the Vendor Management Essentials PDF.

Human Resources Management Toolkit

There is significant risk around the management of your workforce—monitor your master employee file to mitigate those risks. 

Stock and Inventory Management Toolkit

Alleviate inventory management risks by testing for theft, loss, leakage, churn and lifecycle. Transactional data may reveal vendors with persistent quality issues, or locations with stale inventory or excessive leakage or returns.

Purchase Order Management Toolkit

Track purchasing patterns and trends to monitor the adherence of company policies, keep expenses low, and illuminate problematic sub-processes.

Salaries and Payroll Toolkit

The cost of salaries for employees accounts for a significant portion of operating expenses in any organization. Knowing that those employees listed on their payroll are valid and are being paid the right amount is critical to keeping operating costs in check.

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your salaries and payroll processes. For more information, see the Salaries and Payroll Essentials PDF.

General Journal Analysis Toolkit

Journal entries are the backbone of any organization’s accounting system and hold financial and non-financial data. Knowing how each journal entry is being posted to the general ledger is critical for insight into the heart of your financial system.

Accounts Receivable Toolkit

How quickly receivables are paid directly affects your cash flow, and properly balanced cash flow is essential for stability. The faster you can identify and collect outstanding receivables, the faster the cash can be spent to meet payroll and other expenses, pursue expansion and investment goals, or enhance company profits.

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your accounts receivable process. For more information, see the Accounts Receivable Essentials PDF.

Sales Analysis Toolkit

Detailed sales analysis is important as it provides management with accurate information on actual sales to improve profit margins. Detailed analysis helps companies compile a sales strategy and know which products are or are not selling, and at what margin. 

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your sales analysis process. For more information, see the Sales Analysis Essentials PDF.

Fixed Asset Management Toolkit

Monitor your asset management cycles—from addition to depreciation—to mitigate critical risks (such as not knowing what assets you have and where), ensure your depreciation is accurate, and manage the transfer and disposal of PPE.

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your fixed asset management processes. For more information, see the Fixed Asset Management Essentials PDF.

Cash Disbursements Toolkit

The outflow of money in various payment formats to your vendors can often get overlooked, resulting in a popular way for unscrupulous employees to cash in. Ensure your cash disbursement controls are working properly, and identify waste, misappropriation of funds or human error. 

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your cash disbursements processes. For more information, see the Cash Disbursements Essentials PDF.

Travel and Entertainment Expenses Toolkit

Comprehensive data aggregation and reporting enables continuous improvement across all T&E activities. Eliminate the headache of multiple review and remediation systems and consolidate with one comprehensive system that makes your team work smarter and helps you get a handle on T&E waste and abuse. 

  • Tools to detect and remediate control gaps in your travel expense process. For more information, see the T&E Essentials PDF.

Segregation of Duties Toolkit

Typical segregation of duties management programs look at "what-ifs". This toolkit detects actual transactions that breach critical segregation of duties controls. This reduces false positives and catches exceptions that might not have been caught otherwise.

  • Improper Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a leading cause of fraud and SoD is a key component of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance. Identify potentially costly SoD issues across both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes. For more information, see the Segregation of Duties Essentials PDF.

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